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ManageEngine Launches PitStop Online IT Community Portal

PLEASANTON, CALIF. — ManageEngine launched PitStop today, the user community for all IT professionals. Beyond ManageEngine product support, PitStop offers a vendor-neutral venue for IT admins, managers, directors and other IT pros to discuss IT management issues and ideas that are germane to the entire IT community. The PitStop community can be found online at, and the PitStop launch video can be viewed at

PitStop sets itself apart from other IT communities by providing a cascading, Facebook-like wall for users to share and discuss topics and trends with the PitStop community at large. Users can also tailor PitStop to their individual interests by subscribing to specific groups and pages, enabling them to virtually collaborate, share and engage with colleagues in their domain. To keep PitStop users engaged while on the move, mobile apps for iOS and Android are available at and, respectively.

“IT teams drive business success, but IT pros need to refuel every now and then,” said Vidya Vasu, head of the ManageEngine community. “PitStop gives them a place to hang out and exchange ideas, tools and tweaks with peers. This type of virtual collaboration and engagement is tremendously valuable inside ManageEngine, and we want to make that value available to everybody in IT, regardless of which vendors’ tools are used.”

IT Pros Take a PitStop

PitStop is a vendor-neutral platform for users to showcase success stories and interesting IT project implementations, discuss IT pitfalls, laugh at IT bloopers and generally liven things up. PitStop will not replace the existing forums where users discuss product-specific queries. Rather, it serves as an exclusive channel where users can discuss subjects that touch their everyday lives as IT pros. The ability to subscribe to one or more user groups lets users interact with other users who share similar interests.

For ManageEngine users, PitStop serves as an IT hub where they can access other technical resources shared by product specialists and the user community in general. It includes resources such as monitoring templates, custom scripts, an MIB repository, configuration tweaks, best practices and more. The product forums let users continue to seek clarifications or solutions to product-specific queries. The blogs feature articles and updates by ManageEngine analysts and those in the industry.

“With over 30 different IT solutions and over 50 free tools and mobile apps, ManageEngine is seeing year-on-year growth rate of over 35 percent in the number of its users,” said Vasu. “A lot of that growth is coming from our free tools and solutions, and PitStop complements that trend. Now, ManageEngine users and their peers have a place where they can bring IT to the table, find solutions, follow trends and talk shop.”

Visit ManageEngine PitStop at

Site24x7 Launches First Free Cloud Service to Ensure Your On-Premise Monitoring Products Are Working Effectively

Software Agents Report on Monitoring Software Health, CPU Use, Memory Use and More

  • Monitor existing on-premise monitoring products from the cloud – for free
  • Start/stop monitoring processes from your mobile device
  • Receive alerts if an on-premise monitoring solution goes down
  • Learn more about this free Site24x7 service at

Site24x7, the cloud infrastructure monitoring service from ManageEngine, today announced the launch of the first free, cloud-based service to monitor traditional on-premise network, system and application monitoring products. Available immediately, this new service enables IT groups to monitor the monitors themselves to make sure the software that companies rely on is working effectively – which is critical for the continuity of operations.

Think about it: On-premise monitoring software that fails is not in a position to report on its own failure. By monitoring the health of on-premises services from the cloud, Site24x7 can ensure that the enterprise does not lose the software eyes and ears it depends on for data center uptime, infrastructure reliability and performance.

“Many traditional IT management solutions can monitor your local – and cloud-based assets,” said Gibu Mathew, director of product management, Site24x7. “They’re critical to uptime, and we rely on them all the time. But how can we monitor the uptime and integrity of the monitoring products themselves? That’s the job we’ve built our new Site24x7 monitoring service to perform.”

Moving Beyond Homegrown Scripts

Many organizations try to monitor their monitoring software using homegrown scripts. At regular intervals, these scripts check to see that the management software is running. If it is not, they may try to alert an administrator. But such scripts typically provide very limited functionality and can be difficult to maintain, particularly in a complex environment with multiple management tools. Can the scripts reach an administrator who is traveling? Can they reach an alternative administrator if the primary administrator is on vacation? The engineers at Site24x7 wanted to find a more flexible and elegant way to overcome this vulnerability.

“Our software agents reside on the servers running a customer’s IT management solution,” said Mathew. “The agent monitors, in real time, the uptime of the monitoring system – using port checks, system uptime checks, process uptime checks and more. If a failure is detected in the monitoring software, the software agent reports up to Site24x7 in the cloud, which can immediately alert any individuals that the server owner specifies – via SMS, email, mobile push notifications for iPhone/Android and even voice calls! Operating in a SaaS capacity helps here, for once an administrator receives an alert, he can interact with Site24x7 in the cloud and take corrective actions via his mobile phone.”

A Self-Configuring Solution Covering Multiple On-Premise Products

The free Site24x7 monitoring service works with many of the most popular on-premise monitoring products:

  • ManageEngine
  • HP
  • Kaseya
  • Nagios
  • SolarWinds
  • Ipswitch

Clients taking advantage of this service must download and install a lightweight monitoring agent on the servers running their on-premise monitoring software. This agent automatically detects the monitoring product in use and begins monitoring its health. It passes status information to Site24x7 in the cloud using secure, firewall-friendly communications protocols. IT managers can view system status, percentage of CPU and memory use, thread and handle counts and more – for all their monitored servers – through a single Site24x7 console.

“As a SaaS offering, Site24x7 has long provided anytime/anywhere monitoring,” added Mathew. “It can alert you immediately about any issues with your websites, servers or applications. With this free service expansion, we can help ensure the effectiveness of your traditional monitoring tools and help safeguard your existing investments. If your traditional monitoring tools ever go down, Site24x7 will make sure you know about it.”

Pricing and Availability

This service is free of charge.

Splunk Files to Offer 6M Additional Shares

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), which produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, announced that it is commencing an underwritten registered public offering of 6,000,000 shares of its common stock.

Splunk also intends to grant the underwriters an option to purchase up to an additional 900,000 shares of its common stock to cover over-allotments.

Splunk expects to use the net proceeds  from the offering for working capital and other general corporate purposes. In addition, Splunk may use a portion of the proceeds for potential acquisitions of businesses, technologies, or other assets, although Splunk has no agreements or commitments relating to any specific acquisitions at this time

Correlsense Announces Immediate Availability of SharePath 3.5

Correlsense announced that it has delivered Release 3.5 of its SharePath software. This version includes a wide variety of enhancements designed to broaden the product’s footprint in the enterprise:

  • Reduced cost of ownership by monitoring more applications in less time
  • Increased scalability by managing more applications with the same hardware
  • Enhanced method-level hot spot detection and code analytics for multiple programming languages
  • Advanced search features for its integral big data store
  • Flexible and intuitive business transaction naming
  • Expanded alerting and notification options

SharePath is designed for enterprise environments where there are multiple server platforms, programming languages, software applications, middleware products, and a variety of endpoints. SharePath monitors languages like Java and C, integration components like queue managers and enterprise service busses, and a wide variety of operating systems and databases. A highly scalable backend allows customers to use hundreds of collectors to monitor many operational applications using a common management server.

“Delivering software for the enterprise requires a level of sophistication that most APM vendors simply don’t have,” said Lanir Shacham, founder and CTO. “SharePath’s unique ability to correlate big data streams and to detect a broad range of performance issues across all components and tiers is unmatched in the industry.”

Large corporations often rely on composite applications spanning new software, legacy code, and packaged solutions. Employees and customers may access them from Internet browsers, terminals, or rich clients like desktop workstations. A single user transaction may touch dozens of servers and applications inside the company and in the cloud.

SharePath tracks individual user transactions across all hops in this long journey and isolates the source of a problem. Once identified, SharePath customers can easily view the details and determine the best course of corrective action. SharePath also helps customers identify potential problems and capture information that may be used to provide better customer service and more efficient revenue generating applications.

Compuware APM Unveils Solution to Optimize Hadoop on Amazon Web Services

 Compuware Corporation announced it has released an APM solution for Hadoop on Amazon Elastic MapReduce, (EMR) available now in the AWS Marketplace. This solution enables organizations to tame big data at scale, enabling customers to gain faster business value at lower cost, and furthers Compuware APM’s ability to provide visibility and troubleshooting insight into big data workloads.

Powered by its patented PurePath Technology®, Compuware APM profiles Amazon EMR jobs, providing drill-down dashboards that can pinpoint the root cause of failed jobs or performance hotspots with a single click. Operation teams gain full visibility into cluster usage based on users or job types, enabling monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs) and charge-back models to consumers. By profiling Hadoop jobs in production, operations teams can quickly identify the issues, whether they are misconfigured or unbalanced clusters, poorly-coded workloads or unhealthy hosts. Developers, armed with exact detail shared by operations and QA, no longer have to guess at the performance of their code when running at massive scale.

“Compuware APM combined with the AWS cloud provides customers with the technical capabilities they need to allow them to focus on their business,” said Terry Hanold, Vice President, Cloud Commerce, AWS. “We’re excited to welcome Compuware into the AWS Marketplace, where customers will be able to now gain the advantage of Compuware APM for Amazon EMR.”

Features and capabilities of Compuware APM solution with Amazon EMR include:

  • Profiling Hadoop jobs in production clusters to see which teams are utilizing the cluster and exactly why, to code level, a job takes minutes or hours to run.
  • Automatically identifying performance hotspots in Amazon EMR, such as whether the problem is due to a poor configuration, over-utilized or failed infrastructure, or inefficient code.
  • Eliminating the need to scour log files by identifying the root cause of a job failure in one click. Exceptions, stack traces and logged data are automatically identified by PurePath Technology, showing both where and why failures occur. Deep facts can be easily shared with development to quickly fix issues.

“Compuware APM makes application performance management for big data both simple and straightforward across the lifecycle from development to test to production,” said Steve Tack, Vice President of Product Management for Compuware’s APM business unit. “To help customers grappling with this maturing technology where expertise is scarce, Compuware APM for Amazon EMR adds visibility and helps organizations better manage their big data workloads and transactions, enabling them to leap ahead in the analytics race.”

Compuware APM for Amazon EMR can be easily purchased through the AWS Marketplace.