Welcome to the APM Examiner :)

My name is Ken Godskind. I’ve spent the last 14 years of my career as a vendor in the end-user monitoring segment of the application performance management market.  I recently finished 11 years helping to build AlertSite into a leading provider of website monitoring services.  Before that I was a business intelligence, data warehouse and rdbms guy in the 90s.

I’m probably way to enthusiastic about the application performance management (APM) and user experience (UX) subject matter.

I’m also a Florida Keys fanatic, and I’ll try to share a little of that here and there too.

Why did I start this website?

Uh, I’m way too enthusiastic about APM and UX and…
back in the 1990s there was this awesome website called the BIreport.com that was absolutely the best resource for information about business intelligence solutions.  It was basically sensational free research. At the time BI was my specialty, and I always wanted to create a resource like that.

Well, now APM is my specialty and UX is my inspiration.

I’ve always had dreams for what it would take to provide a kind of closed-loop APM along the lines of ERP.  Most modern application deliver supply chains are too complex for simple dashboards and artisan-like troubleshooting skills. To really successfully manage the business and operations we need every metric we can track and we need to use algorithms to detect behavioral anomalies and perform correlation.

What’s in it for you?

The latest news, thought provoking editorial, links to very useful free tools and solution directories.

Here’s my linked in profile if your curious to learn more about me and if you share my passion for APM and UX let’s connect!


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