Measuring Mobile Web Performance with HttpWatch Basic

I’m not going to regurgitate piles of annoying statistics about mobile penetration and user engagement. We all know the future of your digital relationship with your constituency is significantly mobile.

HttpWatch Basic is an excellent free tool for understanding performance of mobile web pages. It’s available as an app on iOS right now (no Android yet) and it runs on the iPhone or the iPad. It’s an HTTP sniffer for monitoring and optimzing web pages. You can get it for yourself here on itunes.

When you open the app it looks just like a browser so just enter the web page you want to test at the top.  I’ll use my own URL (you should use yours).

Once the web page looks loaded just click the little icon at the top (bottom if iPhone) right that looks like a bar graph and  the web page waterfall report that shows how long it took to download each of the resources used by the mobile web page to my iPad is displayed.

mobile web performance rpt

The user interface also supports walking through a multi-page user journey so you can come back and evaluate the performance of each page of the mobile website visited.

Tapping any of the individual items will display more information about the performance and timing of that web page resource.

mobile web resource performance

You can do this from your iPhone on WiFi and when using mobile data to get a good feel for  how your mobile website performs for end users.

There is a professional version of HttpWatch for $99.00 that shows a lot more detail including timing breakdowns,  cookies,  request and response headers and network info.

The free version still provides some very good info as well and this is a series about free tools.

Have you tried it with your website yet?


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