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Healthcare.gov Was a Typical Enterprise Rollout. No Big Suprise!

I’ve been listening to the ongoing Healthcare.gov conversation since it was limpingly launched in September of last year. The poor planning, mis-teps and failures have given the media and technology community a great opportunity to share every little detail about the day to day ongoings as well as opinions for how it could have or should have been done.

But really…was Heathcare.gov really all that different from any typical large-scale enterprise systems rollout?

It did’t work right or at all for the first few weeks. Then things improved some but more work needed to be done. And it is hard to anticipate the real world completely in test. Perhaps they should have had real users test drive it before opening it to the public. Real users are not already indoctrinated in the system like QA people and have fresh eyes to see problems. Can you say uTest?

How many stories have we heard about a public company faulting their new implementation of ERP for impacting quarterly results or scrapping the project completely? I have heard several.

Like a typical enterprise system deployment of yore, it was devoid of Agile practice, web-scale readiness and unable to keep up with today’s need for real-time business…even if that was the expectation.

Did anyone really expect the government to deliver as if they were a Velocity Conference headline speaker? Really?

This is just a little post to share that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

What do you think?