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Competitive Website Benchmarking with Sitespeed.io – insurance example

I couldn’t resist spending a little more time with Sitepeed.io, over the weekend, mostly because I am smitten by the power of the free and open source tools that are available to measure Web performance, availability and optimization. One of the things I mentioned in my first post about using Sitespeed.io was that this was definitely something you should use to compare and benchmark your Web site against top competitors.

If in the digital world, if customer experience (CX) = user experience (UX) = #feelsfast + #usability, and differences of a quarter to one-half  a second have significant impacts on loyalty, then NOT using a tool like this to understand your competitive situation is…well…er…irresponsible.

I took 5 of the largest insurers and ran a little test of their home pages as an example. Click to review the sitespeed.io benchmark of top insurer’s Website home pages. I ran this little test on Sunday morning.

The usage and presentation of the results from Sitespeed.io are pretty technically oriented.  Still, if sifted through there is a lot of information here customer experience ought to be reviewing regularly.

Who in your organization owns user experience?