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In today’s digital world, Marketing and DevOps need to work together too. When user experience (UX) is a 50/50 split of web performance and usability  designers and deliverers of the UX have to work together to succeed.

Have you ever managed a Google Adwords account for pay-per-click (PPC)?

I have and I was paying $25 a click for top keywords. I remember needing some prompting from the company founders to stay on top when click costs went above $20 and I was uncomfortable with the rising pay-per-click (PPC) spend. PPC budgets at many companies are incredibly high. No surprise right? Advertising is what is driving Google’s financial success. I easily spent more than 5% of total revenue during the 5 or 6 years I managed our PPC accounts.

Most organizations have some planned downtime for upgrades and regularly scheduled maintenance. I say most because some online services have become so essential that a few minutes of downtime is Global news, uh, like Gmail last Friday afternoon, and because “stuff happens.” Even web properties that never “plan” for downtime sometimes have outages.

Why don’t all web application monitoring tools and services allow you to pause your Adwords campaign when your website has scheduled maintenance or experiences extended downtime?

Looking at this from the perspective of two personas. First, an actual prospect who is exposed to an Ad  – call her Pros-ephone – will click on the Ad, see the website is not available, and unless she is totally Zen, will likely have a negative Brand impression. The second persona, Mark the Marketing Guy, who is already under pressure from sales to increase inbound lead-flow and to reduce PPC costs, must wince every time he thinks about paying $20 to create a negative impression.

We need Mar-Dev-Ops! I propose we take DevOps one step further and add Marketing to the mix.

This is probably why there is so much conversation now about the battle between CMO and CIO for power. If your organization is going to deliver meaningful digital experiences then someone is going to have to own the Customer Experience (CX).  If it’s not the CMO or CIO then your organization may mint a new executive role such as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Customer Experience Office (CCXO).

Before going, please let me introduce the innovative website monitoring company who introduced this capability. If you are a Digital Marketing Manager or a PR Agency managing PPC campaigns you might need this. They are called Killswitch (www.killswit.ch), and their web monitoring service will monitor the uptime of 1 website every single minute for ~ $10 a month or $20 for 5 sites including the integration with Google’s Adwords.

A warm round of applause for Killswit.ch for being an innovator of website monitoring services.


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